Cured at the sun-drenched and breezy Malta Ridge, our "Seasoned Gourmet" Hardwoods age the time necessary (usually 1-2 years) to cure to perfection. For 32 years we have served the Capital District's tri-county area with quality service year after year.

Seasoned Gourmet Firewood offers you the best in firewoods for your warmth and enjoyment. Please visit our firewoods section to aquaint yourself with our various products. For your convenience, no order is too small and all orders are handled promptly.

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Stacked Off The Ground and Covered for a minimum of one year, our firewood is clean and dry, dry, dry! We pride ourselves as a Dependable source of Adirondack Hardwoods. Some of our firewoods are rack dried for two years. Some of our Specialty Firewoods include Cherry, Hickory, Oak and Maple. Our gourmet firewood contains NO Pine, Basswood, Willow or Popal... NO JUNK, NO DIRT!

Our well seasoned firewoods burn up to 4 times longer than "bagged, bundled or KILN Dried wood".

Your Satisfaction Is Our Promise

Vist our Wood Lot on Route 9 Malta Ridge - Load yourself and save!

An SUV can carry $25 to $150 worth of wood
A Small Pickup Truck: $150 to $250 worth of wood (Stacked On)
Large Trucks: $250 Plus

However, we've supplied countless car trunks with enough wood for that special occasion, weekend or holiday with our dry - dry - dry "Gourmet Firewoods".

The quanity most requested is the Fireplace Cord (11' x 3' x 16") and can be ordered in quantities as small as 1/2 a Fireplace Cord to any number Fireplace Cords you wish.


1. Half (1/2) Fireplace Cord : 5.5' x 3' x 16" (One Row)

2. Full (1) Fireplace Cord : 11' x 3' x 16" (One Row)

3. One & Half (1.5) Fireplace Cord : 16.5' x 3' x 16' (One Row)

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Come Visit us at the Woodlot !

Directions to the woodlot:

From Albany: North on I-87 to Exit 13s, enter Route 9 traveling south, Seasoned Gourmet Firewood is located approx. 1/4 mile south on the left

From Glens Falls: South on I-87 to Exit 13s, enter Route 9 traveling south, Seasoned Gourmet Firewood is located approx. 1/4 mile south on the left.

Long Distance Fee

If you reside outside of our local delivery zone, a long distance delivery fee of $35 is applied for the first Full Fireplace Cord. If you are unsure if you are in or out of the zone just call us. If additional fireplace cords are requested an additional fee of $17.50 per Half Fireplace Cord will be applied to your order.

Stacking Fee

For our privileged customers who want to see their firewood stacked neatly in storage or close to their fireplace where reaching at time of need is hassle-free, Let our experienced staff take care of it for you. You can sit back and relax while all your firewood is stacked. Add a small fee of $20 per Half Fireplace Cord

Carrying Fee

We understand our customers who have medical reasons for not being able to carry firewood to the storage point, not being used to frequent lifting can cause cramps or muscle ache, we suggest you to let our professionals do that for you for a small carrying fee of $7.50 per Half Fireplace Cord for more than 7’ from the truck

We are open 24 / 7 / 365 days a year